Hull Direct is always looking for new and exciting content for our website. If you would like to submit content to us, please read the following guide.

We may accept contribution submissions for the following:

1. Artwork and graphics
2. Photographs
3. Music
4. Editorials (Non-Commercial)
5. Videos and animations
6. Software

If you would like to propose your content for contribution you should contact and briefly outline your idea.

We may at this point offer you to submit your content to us upon a speculative basis, this does by no means imply that your content will be publish, only that we have accepted your content for review.

Remuneration will only be paid if the content is published.

Please do not send any; photos, artwork or any other media, unless we request them specifically, Hull Direct cannot be responsible for any loss of unsolicited data.

Contributions should be sent to us electronically, unless otherwise requested by Hull Direct.

Hull Direct publishes content from contributors in accordance with our standard copyright terms and payment will follow our normal rates, unless otherwise agreed before publication.